DJE Tx control specializes in owning a home systems and methods throughout main Tx

Operating Since

Supported by all of our center principles and directed by our very own expense process, we acquired over 250 properties and $300M of houses since 2012. DJE has lost zero trader funds since creation.

Since 2012, DJE Tx control (a�?DJEa�?) have executed a number of owning a home campaigns and provides exemplary chances modified returns to your buyers. Since our founding in the single-family home based business, DJE has handled every aspect associated with the exchange, repositioning and temperament more than 250 real property jobs. We’ve typically got a focus on worth incorporate staff multifamily construction, equating to 3,000 multifamily units with benefits put remodelling finances including $10k to $3M+.

Nowadays, DJE works tirelessly to recognize choose multifamily, development and secure projects which will supply investors with exemplary comes back backed by real possessions.

Initial investments with DJE

After exploring the profits DJE has actually in investing i am pleased to-be a passive buyer with DJE The buyer portal is simple to browse when compared with additional deals I’ve accomplished. Hope to do more handles DJE

No Hidden Agendas

DJE is over a Real Estate Investing business, it really is a collaboration without any undetectable agendas. I’m happy you gave me the opportunity to spend, to inquire about and see and respond to questions. I love DJE’s positive perspective on real-estate as well as their connections to helping The society. As soon as you plant a Good Seed as they are for this….it develops to be a powerful tree that keep powerful fruit. I’m going to be impatient as lovers keeping getting your Projects in advance.

First investment skills

My family and I have already been very pleased with these investment knowledge about Devin along with his group. The reliability revealed for the continual correspondence goes a long way to help make us safe that we generated just the right choice in trading with DJE administration cluster. We anticipate the following investment opportunity that comes ahead from your own professionals.


I’m very happy using relationship. Limestone Oaks closed-in June, and that I gotten my personal first circulation in July. Best wishes!

Very first Investment with DJE

You will find participated in at the least several expenditures in earlier times decade with several different funds and LLC’s. Some with fantastic triumph, my personal 1st from decade before is still paying really and one or two that decided not to prove as I could have liked. I found myself launched to DJE through an exercise occasion with Quest depend on business. I happened to be content with all the demonstration and after a little research We believed confident that DJE have a good business model that would supporting persisted gains. The one thing that sticks out personally with DJE will be the provider portal definitely clear about what the investments is actually, what’s being paid as well as documentation relating to the financial investment. Along side that DJE delivers out typical news on the financial investment that helps take care of the comfort and ease for investor. Some of my various other expenditures which are doing well financially, commonly starting a great job of maintaining the dealers well informed. I need to contact or email in order to see changes. We started together with the minimum investments provide DJE the exam drive before trading a lot more into different DJE offerings. Nevertheless, I will be trading most with DJE as my personal different expenditures close out and get back capital. I would personally end up being comfy suggesting DJE to family and friends.


It actually was a delight to work with Devin in the acquisition of Vizcaya Apartments. Their focus on details enabled us to obtain most good funding on their part. All issues comprise rapidly dealt with and worked through as a team. Enjoy working collectively once more soon!