Additional Financial Aid Options for International Students

If it is a private student loan that you are searching for, then Prodigy Finance is one such organization that grants you loans without the requirement of a cosigner.

The company was established in 2007, by three MBA students who recognized the need for financial needs of overseas students in the United States.

A borderless model is created by Prodigy to determine the potential and other factors beyond using a credit approval approach.

Students in over 150 countries can get a student loan or refinance an existing loan with prodigy. The loan approval process takes not more than 30 minutes.

Borrowers can apply for post-grad loan or can refinance an existing loan. A six month grace period is available for them to graduate before they begin to repay their loan.

Fixed interest rate loans from $2001 to $50,000 are offered on a 6-year repayment plan. Students can pay tuition or education-related expenses.

Factors such as the school that the students will be attending, the expected graduation date, grades, scores, internships, work experience and more are considered to grant the loan.

Options for Student Financial Aid

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Most often international students are left out of ways to apply for student financial aid. Few of the ways for the international students to go into refinancing is as given below.

You can qualify for federal aid only if you are a green cardholder. Thus international students are not eligible to apply for a federal loan. Your eligibility for financial aid will be determined by the FAFSA.

Scholarships are a great source of income for students of all backgrounds. Scholarships are available for all types of persons as well as their achievement.

Despite the size, scholarships help the students. For college tuition, paying outright is the right option. Payments made during college time helps you to reduce loan and interest rates and helps in saving a lot of money.

Eligibility and requirements for Federal Aid

A number of options are available for the international students who are looking for additional financial aid. The College Board scholarship information is available for more than 2,200 programs.

FastWeb is another great source of information. Berkeley College International Student Scholarship is available for eligible international students who are attending the program from nearly 75 countries.

Most financial institutions do not offer direct aid to students. There will however be financial aid based on academic achievements, skills, talents, and abilities.

Some of the universities that offer top talents across the globe, by offering them financial aid include Harvard, Princeton, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania.

You’ll not have to make the repayment even in case of a great loan. Irrespective of the size, scholarships can help the students.

Any payments made throughout the time in college reduce loan and interest amounts and helps to save a lot of money in the long run.

Payments that you make on your own throughout your time in college, can cause a reduction in the loan and interest amounts and helps you to save money in the long run.

After a student has received enrollment in a US University, the international student advisor or the financial aid office can be contacted.


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Whether you use a traditional approach or a non-traditional approach of application, be careful to not fall into international student loan scams.

Student loans are offered to students with or without a cosigner. However, the cosigner should either be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. So it is best to first make use of financial aid and other personal savings that you have and only then opt for international student loans.

The cosigner should be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident. Making acquaintances and socializing becomes an important skill when it comes to it.