Hello, Pretty! Launch Party: Thursday, June 25th

Sneak Peak: VIP Giftbags

A HUGE thank you to everyone interracial cupid who came out to our launch party last night at the Black Cat Art Gallery in Culver City! We had a lot of fun, a lot of cupcakes, and a lot of booze courtesy of Ty-Ku. Photos and a re-cap will be posted next week! For those who didn’t make it, we feel sorry for you, because we gave out some awesome giftbags featuring:

Yep, that giftbag is well worth over $450, pretties. and it all comes in a supercute resuable tote bag. So if yer into it, follow us on Twitter or check back here next week – we’ll be giving ONE away if you can correctly answer 5 trivia questions regarding Hello, Pretty! (hint: all of the answers will be within our twitter accounts and the blog!).

Hello, Pretty! is having a launch party to raise funds for Heal the Bay and have a good time with all of you pretty readers and supporters. Please come out to the Black Cat Art Gallery on Thursday, -Midnite and enjoy a beach-themed soiree!

Your $6 entry fee (cash only) guarantees you an entree in 10 different raffles (additional entries can be purchased for $1 each), including the grand prize featuring a Rip Curl beach tote, Angel Eyewear Sunglasses, Toes on the Nose hat, Sanuk Giftcard, a beach towel, and beach-friendly beauty products from Tonic, Sun Sauce, Jan Marini Skincare Research, White Sands Hair Care, Urban Decay, David Babaii for Wild Aid, Too Faced Cosmetics, and more!

Be sure to get there nice and early, as the first 30 attendees will receive an eco-friendly tote* packed full of awesome beach-friendly beauty products from Tarte Cosmetics, Jan Marini, Jaime Earle, Tricia Sawyer, and more. Thanks to the awesome generosity of Ty-Ku, we are having a limited open bar: all Ty-Ku cocktails are on the house, all others will cost you a whopping $2 each (cash only). We’ll also be featuring awesome giveaways from our sponsors, ultra-delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles, and a DJ so you can show off your sweet dance moves.

*All verified bloggers will receive a VIP Goodie Bag featuring products from Jan Marini, Tonic, Julie Hewett, Tarte Cosmetics, Tricia Sawyer, Jaime Earle, Malibu Secret, Dove, Angel Eyewear, and more!

Testosterone Tuesday: Real Men Wear Sunscreen

Being as pale as I am, I just used to avoid the sun altogether. That no longer being an option thanks to my new job and my beach-bum girlfriend, I’m constantly on the lookout for good suncare products that won’t mess up my skin or sweat into my eyes. Over the years, I’ve tried many sunblocks, most which I’ve had to put on SEVERAL times a day. Jan Marini’s Daily Face Protectant SPF 30 is long-lasting and waterproof, goes on really clean and smooth, and leaves my skin feeling silky, not greasy or oily. It never feels like it’s clogging up my pores, and the fact that it doubles as a moisturizer is a definite plus, since that saves me time in the morning.

I especially like it because it doesn’t give me that white ghost look and it doesn’t run (a plus since I work in the sun and sweat a lot). My skin feels refreshed after I apply this, and it actually keeps me cooler in the heat. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to do, but when I’m in the sun, I feel like I’m wearing Coolmax. It smells delicious, and it works well, and I will definitely be stealing it from my girlfriend again.

As far as my lips go, I love K2’s FlikStik Endurance Protectant & Moisturizer Lip Balm SPF 30. It feels great on my lips and has a nice subtle lemon flavor. It’s intensely moisturizing – intense in a good way. I can feel it start working immediately, and I don’t have to constantly re-apply it. The packaging is gadgety, which I like, but it’s also convenient. I don’t have to waste time popping off a cap or worry about losing that cap – the FlikStik just swivels up, though it does bear a striking resemblance to lipstick, which my co-workers wasted no time in pointing out to me. Made for snowboarders, it’s broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to protect against sun and windburn, as well as being sweat- and waterproof. It also contains anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, and Aloe.

Surf and Sun, SPF and Fun!

As a beauty blogger and make-up artist, people are ALWAYS asking me what my number one beauty product is. My usual answer is “Besides water?,” which for some reason always elicits giggles (gals, I’m not kidding – drink just 8 more ounces of water a day and praise the difference!). All giggles aside, an item I will NEVER leave my house without is SUNSCREEN. Especially since I’m a beach babe and spend every free moment soakin’ up the surf and sand. It’s not like I hang out oceanside and tan – I like to surf the waves, take a quick jog, scope the hotties… you know, the usual. But before I do, I take extra precautions to slather myself in ridiculous amounts of sunscreen – and I’ve been around the boardwalk a few times, so believe me when I say Jan Marini’s Face Protectant is the absolute best for facial protection!

Jan Marini Anti-Oxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30 is most definitely the business (and my new favorite sunscreen). First of all – it smells like pineapples, which is totally beyond perfect for summer and totally yummy. Secondly, it’s broad-spectrum and waterproof, a must for these ultra-hot LA summers or if you work outside (like my boyfriend does). It has an oil-free matte finish that works well with any foundation or concealer (it comes in 3 tinted shades as well), and also contains a PhytoMelanin plant extract which mimics human melanin (your natural defense to the sun, also known as a “tan”), and offers too-legit anti-oxidant and UV protection as well.

Now yes, you should avoid the sun if you don’t want to look haggard by the time you’re 30 – sunscreen is the NUMBER ONE best age-prevention product out there! So just put some on your pretty face at the very least. I know sometimes sun exposure just can’t be avoided (like long car trips… my driving tan is ridiculous!). And hey, a coupla frollicks in the sun aren’t gonna hurt you – if you’re rockin’ SPF. You’ve got to know thatleather look and skin cancer are SO passe, and sunblock DOES help prevent ‘em. For more info on the sun’s ridiculously harmful effects, check out Jan Marini’s 11 Reasons to STAY OUT OF THE SUN!. Or just scope a look at Courtney Cox’s decollete in the later seasons of Friends – have you seen the sun damage on that gal?!