Podcast: Orgasmic Oral Sex – 12 BJ Techniques

1. Imagine that you have little experience of giving blow jobs. You aren’t sure what to do, but you can’t wait to go down on your man. When you get him alone, you push him down on the bed, rip his pants off, and quickly take him into your mouth.

You’re using a simple up & down motion and nothing else, but he can hear your enthusiastic slurping, see that you are enjoying yourself, and feel your hands all over his body as you feel the pleasure you are giving him. You are entirely lost in the moment and seem joyfully fixated on making him cum.

2. Now imagine being very experienced and you agree to give your man a blow job. First, you ask him to shower and take out the trash. You then place a pillow on the floor to protect your knees and take off your top, because your priority is keeping it clean.

The same is true when it comes down to what sex positions you use

You then start giving him a blow job using multiple techniques, but you don’t make a sound or seem enthusiastic at all. You stay on your knees and barely move at all. You’re completely out of the moment and are thinking about work emails.

That’s the power of enthusiasm. Even if you are a complete beginner, being enthusiastic automatically makes your blow jobs feel incredible.

Before continuing with the guide below, you may want to listen to this podcast I recorded on how to give a blow job so powerful he will cry out in pleasure. Listen to more Bad Girls Bible podcast episodes here.

Building Blow Job Confidence

You’ll find that none of these techniques for giving your man a good blow job Get More Info are that useful if you feel super awkward and nervous during the act.

Practice, Practice, Practice – If you want to be more confident when going down on your man and actually give him a good blow job, then you need to practice first. The good news is that you don’t have to practice on your man. The easiest way is by using a dildo or something else clean and phallic-shaped.

Just be careful not to push the dildo too far down your throat to prevent choking! A flared base can prevent a dildo from going too far, and it’s great for anal safety, too!

Sexual Confidence Is Not Just About Sex – It can be confusing hearing someone talk about sexual confidence when trying to satisfy your man. Being sexually confident is not just about being good at sex. Instead, it’s about being comfortable with your body.

Researchers have even done studies that show that the more comfortable you are with your body, they more sexually satisfied both you and your husband will be .

So if you think that learning everything there is to know on how to give a good bj is going to provide you with all the sexual confidence you need, then you are sadly missing an important point. To get sexually confident, you need to get comfortable with who you are.

The truth is that nobody is perfect, and everyone has things about themselves that they wish were different, but can’t change.

To get more comfortable with who you are will take time. The important thing is to realize that most of the things you worry about are not that big of a deal.

Remember That He Is Nervous Too – Don’t forget that guys often suffer from a severe lack of sexual confidence! Some of the things guys worry about: