Bad for: People who bore easily or are sketched out easily

Unlike other dating apps (especially its main competitor AdultFriendFinder), which offer playful ice breakers, filters based on hobbies, «recommended for you» sections, and more to get you in touch with as many people as possible, iHookup kind of just gives you these profile pictures and leaves the kids to play

(But remember, the aggressive ads with boobs everywhere are not exclusive to iHookup – those are pretty much a given on any site made specifically to have sex, so don’t judge too harshly. You knew this was coming.)

Most of the stuff that you can click on comes in the form of obnoxious ads that, in my opinion, down the site’s legitimacy by a long shot. The (naked) people in the ads’ GIFs are obviously saying extremely vulgar stuff, but it feels like what they’re really saying is «I’m going to destroy your computer with viruses.» That just isn’t stuff people want to see, and it seriously interferes with the user experience when they’re covering up other features on the site. It genuinely feels like a shirtless girl is following you around, and it’s scary. I couldn’t get past it, and I would 100% not be surprised if people came to the website, signed up, saw the ads, and got the hell out of there.

iHookup lacks the features that would make users want to spend a lot of time on the site. Everything about it is just plain, from the design layout to the number of clickable things that can be local hookup near me Augusta used to entertain or interact with others. There is no chat room, no games, no contests, and no fun ways to earn points like other sites offer. How is anyone expected to stay on the site for longer than five minutes?

Sure, the live video section is lit, and I guess the «Hot singles in your area» ads could be hot (if you get turned on by scams) but those are external ads and will take you elsewhere – and we can’t promise that the site they land on won’t be sketchy and virus ridden. This is kind of a bummer for people looking to really blow off some steam and for a full-blown erotic user experience.

Good for: Non-paranoid people looking for a straightforward hookup

Not everyone gives a shit about aesthetics, though – and when you’re in the mood, you probably aren’t tripped up by ads with boobs everywhere. (It’s nothing we’ve never seen before, right?) If you’re not one to get worried easily, your patience while navigating the site could land you a real booty call.

If all you need is a good round of sexting or some spicy HD videos to get off, iHookup could be more than enough for your needs. They’re high def and come in ton of categories, and it’s always nice to have a bit more of a personal touch than porn. You may never actually meet up with these people in real life, but at least you know that there’s someone ready to throw around peach and eggplant emojis every time you log on.

And maybe there’s an upside to iHookup’s lack of features and lukewarm stimulation: Most members actually put time into their bios, answer questions thoughtfully, and put their face as their profile picture. (Good sexual chemistry is about more than just looks, after all.) It almost gives the feeling that iHookup members take things a little more seriously than a super raunchy site. The quieter approach may actually be appealing to some users who need time to breathe between the steam.