In fact, it was rated number 1 dating site in my guide to over 50s dating

I was trying to read through all of their terms and conditions within the 35 min window before signing up

Your review was helpful though I wish it had offered a bit more insight as to all age ranges. I’m 45 and am still uncertain if eharmony is a practical option.

They have an excellent platform seeing that I have never been on any other dating site to compare it to

I went through the personality assessment for 30 minutes only to find out that you rates are incorrect. The 6 month membership cost is actually per month, not per month. This is a significant error. I trusted your data because it was so recent but obviously still quite incorrect.

Hi Stephen, so sorry for what happened to you. I have approved your comment so others can see it and not make the same mistake, the problem is, when I did my research they were doing a sale, so my data was skewed, the problem is, they’re consistently changing their rates depending on demands, so it is a full time job to track it. But I am leaving this here as a warning for others. The pricing may change.

Hi Colette, Not only does the pricing change but they are not totally transparent with the 3 day refund policy. I’m not sure if it was on your site or another one but I read where you could try E-Harmony and get a refund if you do it within 3 days. It is true that you can Jackson MS escort twitter get a refund if you live within on of the states that permit it. However, they don’t tell you that within the paragraph for the 3 day refund and you don’t know to look anywhere else to see state exclusions. It also takes 24-48 hours for someone to get back to you to get any answers to your questions via email, that’s the only way to reach them. I learned this the hard way and now I’m stuck because there were almost nothing to choose from within my state of SC. They will not give me a refund even though I requested one immediately after seeing that I had almost nothing to chose from. You also have to pay out the balance of the contract whether you continue the plan or not. This part of their business is awful and unfair. Had I known what I’m sharing with you I would not have signed up. Please…warn your viewers.

Hi Diana, I am sorry you had a negative experience, I will try to keep up to date with their pricing changes but its hard as I think its based on demand. The three day refund policy for certain states is a very unclear one, I agree with you there. But their support taking that long to get back to you is not good and not what I have experienced with them, I always had speedy replies. Can I ask you why you wanted to cancel Diana, how was the rest of the platform? Do I understand you correctly that you can now get a partial refund? Please update us on your story. Thanks

Hi Colette, Thanks for responding back so quickly. Maybe they got back you so quickly because you weren’t asking for a refund nor were you under the gun to get in on their 3 month savings if you signed up within 35 minutes. That’s what happened to me. I was trying to avoid having happened to me what ended up happening anyway. I tried Eharmony a few years ago with no success for 6 months. Therefore, I began to think maybe I didn’t give it enough time to work. However, I didn’t want to waste any more money either. That’s why when I saw it could be tested out for 3 days I had nothing to lose, boy was I wrong. To answer your questions; 1. 2. I wanted to cancel immediately because in my area of the country there were only 6 men to choose from and none of them appealed to me. I know they can’t guarantee matches and I understood that. 3. No, I don’t get a partial refund. I am stuck here with no recourse unless I want to destroy my excellent credit by not paying out the remainder of the 12 month contract. Therefore, I’m hopeful that something good will come out of this. I just don’t like when I’m mislead and it cost me time and energy to try and get my money back. All they could say to me was the state exclusions was in the terms and conditions. My rebuttal to that is, if you are trying to do right by the consumer you would have had the state exclusions right there within the 3 day refund paragraph for all too readily see. I should not have had to go looking all through the entire terms and conditions for something that I didn’t even know I should be looking for to begin with. For that reason I want people to be forewarned so that they can at least decide to take the risk and not be forced to get stuck. That’s all I’m saying….thanks for your time. I know that’s a lot but I wanted to be real clear that I wasn’t trying to get something for nothing.