Microsoft has invested a lot of time in their smaller-grade consumer electronics, like USB web camera models

Their constant competition with Logitech’s innovative consumer electronics puts them in healthy competition, constantly trying to bring the next innovation to light, and they’ve done just that with the LifeCam HD-3000. Not only is this model extremely versatile, but it’s also a seamless mount to your laptop or desktop monitor.

Microsoft makes long-lasting products, and the LifeCam is no exception. Users enjoy this model for years before needing to upgrade, either due to product age or system requirements. Once you find the sweet spot for your preferred online camera angle, you’ll be able to stream excellent HD videos, talk to your family via Skype, and utilize every single aspect of your top-grade webcam from Microsoft.

Microsoft gives us the higher end of their webcam lineup with the LifeCam Studio; utilize sharper still images in 1080p, fully HD-equipped video capture through a premier glass lens, all while being able to spin this one 360 degrees. You can use LifeCam Studio for desktop PCs as well.

When you want the best resolution features, such as a 1920 X 1080 display, you want the LifeCam Studio. Professional YouTubers and Twitch streamers are not only huge fans of this specific Microsoft camera, but these are also widely used among businesspeople for its exceptional clarity. While it’s not the most portable model, you can still wrap it up fairly nicely for travel. Be sure to also check out our list of the best security cameras for more great items like this.

This is one of those models that ateurs from the enthusiasts; if you’re looking to get the best webcam for laptop enhancement, you’ve found the perfect camera for you

One of Logitech’s premier, luxury webcam models. While the webcam cost may be a bit higher, you’re going to get what you pay for-high resolution features with stunning photos and captivating video capture. With enhanced autofocus, you won’t have to stay extra still to ensure quality streaming and capture quality.

There’s a reason that Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 has been around for absolute ages-it’s the best webcam for streaming, especially when you want to stay serious

16:9 widescreen video calls will keep the focus on you and not on the quality of your webcam, which is invaluable for job interviews or meetings with colleagues. Keep the attention on your proposal, where it needs to be. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to equip yourself seriously.

Not everyone scouts out the best webcam because they want to, but rather because it’s a requirement for their job, or they want to start seeing their family via Skype calls. Instead of wasting time hunting down different webcam models, get the all-in-one for professionalism, and play-the perfect blend of value and power.

Even if you’re setting up your webcam with enough of a range that the whole family can get in on a Skype call, you’ll still be able to enjoy excellent audio quality without sacrificing visual quality, as well. Even from eight to ten feet away, Logitech 720p Webcam C510 still picks up on every bit of audio. If you’re looking for your family in multiple spots, so you can all enjoy the same level of quality, you’ll be proposing a great price point for everyone’s budget. Easy to install, even if you have to hunt down a driver on Logitech’s website.

One of the most portable webcams on the for laptop and notebook compatibility. You get a great kit to mold to any and all systems you may use. The microphone is truly impressive, and very rarely picks up any static chatter. More often than not, you’ll eb able to use this in extreme lighting situations without issue.