Very much like yourself I decided to talk to these callers that constantly phone the house

Hello! Up to now we really felt no point but I was wanting to check them out further and give them the benefit of doubt. Many of the stories above explain the basics of their target but I’m not sure if any received an email from them. The price that I was told was $ when it is normally $ due to me being a first time caller. This was to be a one time fee and if I decided against it, our account would expire. I then said that’s strange since we’ve had this website for several years. of my time, she hung up. Thank you Chris for enlightening people with your knowledge.

Ttoday i received over 9 calls from different area codes from scammers, i answered one of them and in a nutshell, i knew there was something wrong but i thought i was just paranoid ,until they asked me to pay $99 for a 2 year maintenance fee for my google business. At this moment, i hanged up the call, then received over 9 missed calls from them.

Second, only a licensed professional would even know to look on the state website, much less pull up sunbiz specifically as most states have it on the dept of state websites not a sunbiz directory which sounds more private than state related if judging by the name

I was on the internet trying to report this to google and i saw this page. Gonna report them. Thanks.

After giving about 30 min

Please if you know who the company is that calls and says your google listing is not visible blah blah blah hit 1 to continue 3 to be removed.. I really want to know who they are as I would like to pay them a visit, I get a call every day from these creeps and it is costing me time and money.. Please if you have a real name and location tell me.

I work at a corporate office that has all calls routed here with over 250 different lines, we constantly get these robo calls! We keep adding ourselves to the do not call list but they still keep calling, its super annoying because well get them for 5-10 minutes straight! I will talk to the manager about adding us to the National do not call list for telemarketers.

I’ve been getting these calls for a few months now. The tricky thing is most of the callers have no accent so you don’t automatically write them off as spam.

I moved NY to FL but my listing is still in NY. I’ve gotten calls from someone claiming they’re from Google and they looked me up on sunbiz. First of all, Google is not going to pull your info off the state registration (that’s besides the point that you could have a processing agent listed there or have multiple locations but back to my point). Google verifies it by sending a postcard to your address. Last but not least, if my Google listing is showing a NY address, how would you even know to look in another state (with the exception of maybe Delaware which is a favorite for most to register a business in) and who in the world would have time to do that at a simple Google customer service line?

Thanks for this blog – same thing is happening at my company where I work as a receptionist. Sometimes the numbers are unlisted, other times I can see the caller ID. It is likely they are spoofing phone numbers as well – this particular number is in my area code (563) but lists a well-recognized video game business, that would have no reason to make this call.