The dating high season begins in December and lasts until February

Bonus offers for new customers

Concrete Bonus offers are available at C-date not, but the platform can also be used for free, so that no bonuses are necessary. Coupons or special offers should always be researched by the user himself: With a little luck you will find on partner pages ever special offers. C-date itself offers something terrible at.

Positive: Although this is one of the leader in case C-date casual dating is that prices have remained constant for years, which can not be said about all partner exchanges.

The costs and payment options

Registering with C-date can in principle be free of charge and the first contact suggestions can also be perceived that way. To contact, say: The personal interview, you should complete a paid registration. For this also functions as the chat are then released allowing a faster contact.

3 months cost ˆ per month. This subscription option is for those who are very sure of himself. In the time you can, if you are daring enough and is serious, but quite already make the one or other acquaintance. Per day, this represents a price of 1.33 ˆ. This is the most expensive subscription variant and yet very low for a market leader.

6 months you get a month ˆ /. This corresponds to 1 ˆ per day. This is the most selected subscription period; no time pressure, no stress.

12 months make ˆ per month, which corresponds to ˆ 0.66 on the day: a saving of 33%. Sounds pretty attractive, is not it? it closes twice a 3-month subscription from, you get 6 months on C-date, although one can perceive a whole year for the same price. Therefore prefer to perceive the free trial subscription to get an idea about the platform and only then decide which paid subscription you perceive. Planners can save money here!

You can pay here about the most common means of payment, including credit card, debit card, bank deposit, transfer and checks are. should Announce man 2 weeks before the end of the subscription. Omitted this termination, the contract is extended. As with other companies also, it is then very difficult to come back out. Our tip: Write down when your subscription expires or announce directly to the registry to prevent inadvertent extension.

Privacy and data protection

When it comes to privacy of Internet users is fundamentally skeptical, which is good, considering that companies like Facebook lead us with their provisions astray. This is at C-date fortunately different. If a Member for deleting his account, it will be together with all stored data deleted. To clarify: If you want to delete their profile FB, so it only deactivates; However, the data remain with the company itself. C-date however, deletes the data.

However, it admits C-date by the registration rights an anonymised to use its data for market research purposes.This is an Internet Service Provider, however, absolutely consistent basis you should therefore leave no worry itself.

Here the member has even control what content they want to share with whom: You can decide whether to make the photos for contact suggestions immediately visible or prefer to manually unlock itself. Personal content can be shared or withheld according to personal preferences.

For customer service of C-date

About 50 employees are reachable at C-date just for the customer service charge and the Help section of the registered members. Whether the technical FlirtBuddies information relating to data security: We always receive a personal response. This can take up to a maximum of 3 days, usually customer queries will be answered within 24 hours, however.