I also enjoyed the use of occasional questions during each video as an “understanding check

This course touched on a lot of areas I was weak on and made me realize things I was doing wrong in prior reports. I’m still in the process of interviewing, but I’ve advanced through multiple stages thus far and I feel confident moving forward.

The Premium Package hit on all the areas of practice that I wanted to learn about

I purchased the Premium Package after I graduated from school mostly to learn LBO and MA modeling as well as to fine tune my DCF and financial statement modeling skills.

I like the course a lot. The videos are clear and easy to understand and the exercises are very useful.

It’s very straightforward and clearly explains the topics at hand. I’ve improved my skills in financial analysis and Excel for my current job and I’ve created a platform for myself to transition into equity research.

My background is engineering and project management. I took on a new role in america title loans North Carolina Corporate Development focused on MA Project Management and I needed to get up to speed on Accounting and “finance talk.”

This course was what I was looking for to get up to speed. It’s allowed me to better follow discussions and engage in discussions with finance folks.

My main goal when I bought the Excel Crash Course was to strengthen my existing excel skills and become more familiar with the parts of excel I already know, and to learn the skills I didn’t have yet (such as VLOOKUPs).

The course was a requirement for a Managerial Accounting course I’ll be starting in September. I found it fascinating and enlightening!

After completing the course I wouldn’t have even considered other providers because of the very clear way the material was presented. Upon completion of the course, I felt confidant in my ability to understand the financial statements, the ways they interconnect, and also what to think about if I were to set up my own business.

Most accounting textbooks and courses are not as clear as this course

I now feel ready for the MBA-level Managerial Accounting course that I will start next week, and I do also feel that I understand more about business now (in terms of the financials) which will also help me in my job as a business professional / product manager.

This program boosted my confidence on technical aspects of modeling for future interviews, especially since I have no previous finance background.

I just completed my MBA and did some financial modeling in the program, but I felt there were concepts that I did not understand or have the time during the MBA to go through more thoroughly.

I love your course because it explains concepts with real life examples and it really helps me to understand the foundations of modeling. I can now confidently identify financial modeling as a skill of mine.

The Accounting course hit all of the major topics, going in depth just the right amount. ” The excel problems were also a nice way to tie in learning concepts with practical applications. This course will always be a point of reference whenever I am working through difficult financial accounting problems.

I bought the Premium Package to get my feet wet with building financial models commonly used by the sell-side and buy-side. I graduated from BU undergrad 4 years ago and recently got my stock brokerage licenses.

The course is comprehensive and complete. Many employers find it to be daunting task having to train new hires from the ground up, so I’m hoping this knowledge will help me land a job in the buy-side.