Casio is trying to take a bite out of the fitness watch market by leveraging their cutting-edge technology. Alas, there is the same Garmin Instinct Solar, which, at a comparable cost, is stuffed with almost all possible sports features. Plus for the review. But the watch is niche and few people need it. Where did the figure come from? That’s charging two phones and about 4 hours of my laptop, plus a couple of flashlights

I’ve been sitting on jishoks for a long time, and then all of a sudden this happened. Definitely for the review.

moisture that got on the crown during hand washing and the active work of the sweat glands tried to seep in through the winding shaft, but since it passes through the sleeve inserted into the watch case itself, it lingers and starts the oxidation process in it [in the sleeve].

you need about 100Wh per day (in fact, this is a 30.000Ah power bank). They sat on their hands and do not want to get off:

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now there are a sufficient number of interesting Chinese with a piston system for the same money, and even cheaper