Stickers – for protection against opening. I peeled off – there was a trace. Specifications from the description. Velvety cardboard. The cover is textured, does not slip.
On the other closes the microUSB charging connector. So, the review got an interesting smartphone with a walkie-talkie, a flashlight and a TV. An interesting SUV model from Poptel.
At the very beginning, I said that Poptel of this model is convenient to use as a terminal, a smartphone on a business trip, a head devices for various set-top boxes. If the “face” is typical, then the rear panel has been done a decent job. It is convenient to use if there is a need for a secure smartphone, for example, to use a thermal imager in the street. Packaging with a claim.
It is double, on one side it protects the 3.5mm jack socket It looks good in the hand. So you can be sure that you are the first owner of Poptel, and no one used it in China And I planned to use a similar smartphone specifically to work with a thermal imager (I had a TypeC one – you need an adapter, it’s bad with an adapter.) But for devices with MicroUSB it’s a good option.
A kind of integrated bumper
I activate the android, while I was setting it up, I noticed that the phone came decently “hungry”. The appearance is shown in the render below.
The buttons are rubberized against water.
An original cap is made on the bottom of the case Connectors are closed. Simply interesting, with a good design and decent functionality. The diagonal of the display is 5.5".
Information stickers
The first impression is positive.
The smartphone makes a good impression at first sight In short, it did not work with the thermal imager.
The delivery set includes the phone itself with a pasted protective (transport) film, boxes with accessories. This is a rugged smartphone P10 (Helio P23) from Poptel.

Rugged smartphone Poptel P10 (Helio P23)

Model P10, positioned as a strong average: a powerful processor Helio P23 from Mediatek, on board 4/64 GB of memory, two cameras, a fingerprint scanner, NFC (it’s nice that they didn’t forget). Design details. A relief is made a la protective bumper The rubber band is not completely removed, it somewhat interferes with the normal operation of the device, you need to hold it. The back cover attracts attention.
The ends are covered with plastic, there are plenty of fixing screws.
Once again, I pay attention to the back cover. Not very big. Dimensions 15.5 x 7 x 2 cm
The main camera, a flash (two-color), a fingerprint scanner are located along the axis of symmetry in the upper part.