Maybe my wheels are wrong, but I don’t pump up and the pressure doesn’t drop. I think it should also be here. And yes, they all write that the measurement will be absolutely rough in 100 seconds. Therefore, I do not see anything out of the ordinary Everyone is like that, and so are the Chinese. The laptop ate 2A. And I bought it for example, because the new mercury one had gaps with putots ((. Not of course it fell, but when a nail or some other crap hits. If you carefully read the instructions, then the signal is written, when the temperature does not change during the interval, the measurement process does not stop.

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As I understand it, we are talking about a diode vacuum lamp, which has a cathode glow. This interval is customizable. The laptop is charging. There is no load tester. Coming from an ordinary person. took this from 12v gives 20v. So many people think that there is a timer … But in such a situation, again, repair the food and not pump it up. What does the first one have in half a year, and the second one in a few months